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The Service Hub

The Service Hub - meeting students where they are, with the help they need

First-of-its-kind approach to student support available from one source, across nine channels

Sept. 26, 2022

Seneca students are busy managing their studies and many family and work obligations. When it comes to the services and supports they need during their studies, students asked for a centralized, convenient source of information.

Seneca listened. And got to work.

The result is The Service Hub – a transformative approach to student services in Canada that combines the latest technology with innovative practices in customer support.

“The Service Hub brings together the Au Large principles of equity, sustainability and being a more virtual institution,” said Renata D’Innocenzo, Vice-President, Strategy and Brand. “No matter the level of support needed – be it a general question or a complex issue – the support you need is a click or conversation away.”

Students are used to getting information through online self-serve solutions from retail and service providers. The Service Hub meets them where they are in the world, on the channels that are familiar to them.

“What sets The Service Hub apart is how accessible it is,” said Radha Krishnan, CIO and Vice-President, Customer Support. “Students and employees can find clear, consistent information across nine channels: web, intranet, ChatBot, apps, social media, video, text, email and on site at Seneca’s campuses. Similar services we’ve investigated have been available — at most — across four channels.”

Like many Au Large initiatives, the vision for The Service Hub came together quickly. Consultations with students, program co-ordinators, the student services team and union representatives began in January 2021, and the hub launched this past summer.

It has been designed to be a centralized source of information on everything from registering and paying fees, to athletics and recreation, libraries, tutoring, counselling, career planning and much more. Previously, each department at Seneca had to maintain its own content. Now it’s centralized, with a dedicated team making updates constantly and supporting students virtually or in person at Service Hub locations on campus.

“As students and employees become more familiar with The Service Hub, it will become the first stop for answers, saving time and ensuring the latest information is always provided,” said Ms. D’Innocenzo. “The Service Hub’s extensive knowledgebase frees up our specialists to support students directly and allows for more meaningful in-person conversations when they are on campus or virtually.”

The technology behind The Service Hub was selected by a cross-functional team of 60 Seneca experts in student services, counselling, academic advising and ITS, who tested various options.

It responds to the questions and keywords, providing knowledge-based articles, not just general messages or FAQs. The more The Service Hub is used, the smarter it becomes.

“With each inquiry, we learn something new, building our capacity to provide the right information,” said Mr. Krishnan. “Whether you are a full-time, part-time, domestic or international student, you will get the help you need.”

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