2 Semesters (8 Months)
Credential Awarded
Ontario College Certificate

Program and course delivery

This program is offered in Seneca's hybrid delivery format with some courses available in Seneca's flexible delivery format. Some coursework is online and some must be completed in person. Students will need to come on campus to complete in-person learning requirements. For courses offered in the flexible delivery format, professors use innovative learning spaces and technology to teach students in a classroom or lab and broadcast in real time to students attending remotely. In flexible courses, students have the choice of coming on campus or learning online.

About the Program

This eight-month Flight Services certificate program will give you a competitive edge in the airline industry. In this program, you will develop a diverse range of skills related to safety and emergency procedures, both on the ground and in-flight. You will develop the knowledge, skills and professionalism required for a rewarding career in the service-driven aviation industry. You will gain confidence and leadership skills, perform aircraft safety procedures and learn essential techniques to deliver an exceptional passenger experience.

This program has common first-year courses with the Flight Services: Operations & Cabin Management diploma program. This allows students the optional opportunity to use earned credits to pathway into the two-year diploma program.

Most of the program's courses remain online. However, many are also offered in a hybrid format, which allows you to study online or on-campus to gain firsthand experience with airline safety and emergency equipment.


As an aspiring industry professional, you will study and work in a Seneca branded uniform to help you be job-ready from the start. Uniforms are mandatory when attending on-campus classes and must be purchased at an additional cost.


Throughout this program you will develop the following skills:

  • strong communication and extensive soft skills
  • solid core knowledge and technical skills
  • an understanding of the industry as a way of life that values lifelong learning

Your Career

Graduates of the program can explore the following career options:

  • flight attendant
  • check-in/gate agent
  • airline concierge
  • airline reservationist
  • airport ground agent

Graduates of this program may qualify to work for Canadian airlines (domestic graduates) and international airlines (domestic and international graduates).

Flights Experiential Hub

Air Seneca plane

Learn with hands-on training in our Flights Experiential Hub at Newnham campus. This state-of-the-art training centre is the first of its kind among Canadian postsecondary institutions. It includes a B737 cabin simulator, A320 and A321 door simulators, a mock airline interior cabin, an aircraft evacuation slide, slideraft and a live firefighting bay – to provide you with real-life learning experiences.



We’ve made a bold commitment to embed principles of sustainability into every business program we offer.

Within the Flight Services program, we place a unique focus on how flight attendants are not only ambassadors of their country, but luminaries of their airline who work collaboratively and mindfully towards a reduced environmental footprint.

Learn more about Seneca Business’s commitment to sustainability.

What our partners say

Westjet Logo

"WestJet prides itself on taking care of our employees, so they in turn take care of our guests. We put safety first. We want every employee to go home to their families the same way they arrived to work.

This is what all Seneca placement students have the privilege of experiencing while completing their hours with us. They become part of an amazing, supportive team! WestJet takes pride in building positive relationships with all our Seneca students and if the opportunity arises for employment, we will always make job offers to students who excelled throughout their placement!"

Donna Strathearn
Training Manager, Toronto Pearson International Airport, WestJet Airlines Ltd

Cathay logo

“Cathay Pacific Airways is a leading brand in the aviation and hospitality industry. We are delighted to prepare students in the Flight Services program for work in Canada and around the world.

The program focuses on maintaining high industry and regulatory standards. And we create the perfect opportunity for students to polish their education with hands-on experience. As we say at Cathay Pacific: “It’s not how far you’ve come, it’s how far you’ll go.” We’re thankful to be a part of this journey with Seneca!”

I. Burak Aydemir
Airport Operations Manager, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

Air Transat Logo

"Seneca’s Flight Services department provides us with outstanding support and works to quickly accommodate our ever-changing training needs.

They have worked hard to acquire equipment that reflects the realities of the airline industry and meet regulatory requirements. We are very happy to have built this relationship with this institution."

Dan Picanço
Director, Cabin Safety and Training, Air Transat

Jetlines Logo

"Canada Jetlines utilized the Aviation Hub at the Newnham campus for our first Flight Attendant Initial Training Program. Finding the appropriate facilities to enhance and support our training curriculum was critical to the success of our Flight Attendant Training Program.

Facilities such as these are rare to find in Canada and allowed us and our training participants access to the training tools we needed to be successful. The facilities allowed our training participants to learn in a hands-on environment, creating very realistic and effective scenarios and allowed our instructors the proper environment and tools to deliver course material."

Anup R. Anand
Director, In-Flight Services and Airports, Canada Jetlines

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