6 Semesters (3 Years)
Credential Awarded
Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Program and course delivery

This program is offered in Seneca's flexible delivery format. Using innovative learning spaces and technology, professors teach students in a classroom or lab and broadcast in real time to students attending remotely. In flexible courses, students have the choice of coming on campus or learning online.

About the Program

In this three-year advanced diploma program, you will receive a comprehensive education in a variety of essential safety techniques relevant to the aviation industry. You will learn Canadian aviation industry regulations, and business, leadership and technical skills required to implement policies and procedures to begin your career in a variety of aviation companies including commercial airlines, flight schools, insurance companies and airports.


Throughout this program you will develop the following skills:

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Trending analysis and flight data analysis
  • Incident reviews and investigations
  • Auditing functions
  • Database management and safety management
  • System development and implementation

Work Experience

Optional Co-op

Students meeting all academic requirements may have the opportunity to complete an optional co-op work term(s) in a formal work environment. In most cases the work term(s) is a full-time paid position completed between two academic semesters. In programs with limited co-op opportunities, additional academic requirements and a passing grade on a communication assessment may be required for eligibility. Eligibility for participation does not guarantee a work position will be secured. Additional fees are required for those participating in the optional co-op stream regardless of success in securing a work position.

Work-Integrated Learning Model
Year September January May
Year 1 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Year 2 Work Term 1 Semester 4 Semester 5
Year 3 Work Term 2 Semester 6  

Your Career

Graduates of the program can explore the following career options:

  • Aviation safety officer
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Emergency response co-ordinator
  • Safety management system co-ordinator
  • Accident investigator

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