8 Semesters (4 Years)
Credential Awarded
Honours Bachelor Degree

Program and course delivery

This program is offered in person. Students are required to come on campus to attend classes.

About the Program

This four-year program is the only aviation technology-based degree program in Canada. Seneca has been the national leader in aviation education for more than 50 years. Responding to emerging industry demands, Seneca is now educating students at the degree level. Our program provides a rigorous aviation technology-based curriculum developing your theoretical and practical knowledge of aviation technology.

You will gain the knowledge and experience to safely operate complex aircraft.  You will also learn business management, airport operations and planning and air carrier administration to gain a larger sense of the variety of careers in the aviation industry.

Flight Training

This program is a Transport Canada approved Integrated Airline Transport Pilot training program that prepares students to be Commercial Airline Pilots. Intensive flight and simulator training is an integral part of this rigorous degree program. Eight semesters of flight training is a required component of the program. Two of these intensive training semesters will occur during the summer months.

Students who are unable to achieve a satisfactory rating in their flight training after a set number of attempts will be withdrawn from the Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology program and will be ineligible for re-admission. Please note that flight training is carried out seven days per week and students will be required to fly weekends during their training.

Promotion Policy

Attendance to all classes is a Transport Canada requirement for promotion. Students must pass all Transport Canada exams, which have higher pass grades.


Throughout this program you will develop the following skills:

  • Operate multi-engine aircraft using manually prepared flight plans
  • Operate automated flight systems
  • Business management
  • Airport operations and planning
  • Air carrier administration
  • Understand the technological and human factors that affect successful operation of an aircraft

Work Experience

Mandatory Degree Work Term

A work experience that includes at least one term in a formal work environment. The work term(s) may be a paid or unpaid position that is completed between two academic semesters and requires a minimum of 420 hours of work. Students must be in good standing and meet all identified requirements prior to participating in the work experience. The successful completion of the work term(s) is required for graduation.  Eligibility for participation does not guarantee that a work position will be secured. Additional fees are required for the mandatory degree work term regardless of success in securing a work position.

Degree Structure

Year September January May
Year 1 Semester 1 Semester 2 Intensive Flight
Year 2 Semester 3 /
Flight Training
Semester 4 /
Flight Training
Intensive Flight
Year 3 Semester 5 /
Flight Training
Semester 6 /
Flight Training
Intensive Flight
Training or Work
Year 4 Semester 7 /
Flight Training
Semester 8 /
Flight Training

Your Career

Graduates of the program can explore the following career options:

  • Professional pilot
  • Flying instructor
  • Air traffic controller
  • Civil aviation inspector

Additional Information and Opportunities

Student Works and Experiences



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Success Story

Martin Diaz

"As soon as I got here and started researching flight schools I decided on Seneca; I knew because they offered a degree program it was going to position me better in a highly competitive industry."

Martin Diaz
Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology

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